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This test method will visually detect channel defects and/or potential compromise to medical package integrity after the course of testing.

The ability to visually detect channel defects in package seals is highly dependent on the size of channel, the degree of contrast from sealed and unsealed areas, the amount and type of adhesive between the two package layers, reflecting light angle, types of material used, the use of magnification, and the inspector’s level of training and experience. This test method is applicable to flexible and rigid packages with at least one transparent side so that the seal area may be clearly viewed. Seal attributes can be linked directly to a number of variables in process parameters, equipment, or material, as well as environmental (room temperature and relative humidity). Visual seal characteristics and defects can provide evidence of sterile package integrity and production sealing problems. Visual seal defects often will be the first indication of heat sealing process variation. They also will indicate a lack of, or potential compromise to, package integrity after physical package performance testing.

At Test-O-Pac, our engineers will thoroughly inspect your packaged product for any signs of defects or failures, carefully identify and record all the data and present it to you in the final visual inspection report.