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Package testing or packaging testing involves the measurement of a characteristic involved with packaging. This includes packaging materials, packaging components, primary packages, shipping containers, and unit loads, as well as the associated processes. Testing measures the effects and interactions of the levels of packaging, the package contents, external forces, and end-use. Either it ASTM D 4169, ISO 11607 and ISTA test protocols for both palatalized and loose package freight environments, Test-O-Pac is fully capable to accommodate your package testing needs!


ASTM D 4169 and ISO 11607 are the guidepost test standards for medical packaging. These tests provide a reliable indicator that medical devices remain in a sterile environment during the distribution stages. To avoid the risk of a costly product recall, the sterile barrier system must protect the packaged product and maintain the sterility of the product from the moment it leaves your manufacturing facility until the end-user opens it.


Product reliability testing is an engineering field, that deals with the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. The main objectives of Reliability Testing can be defined as follows: The capacity of a device or system to perform as designed; The resistance to failure of a device or system.The ability of a device or system to perform a required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time.


Test-O-Pac to performs mechanical design verification, mechanical testing and environmental testing on electronic components according to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202 and MIL-STD-883 for aerospace and military applications. MIL-STD 883 applies to microelectronic circuits, MIL-STD 202 to electronic and electrical components. Both standards test environmental, mechanical and electrical performance. MIL-STD 810 tests the effect of environmental variables on equipment.