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To provide standard and special conditioning and testing atmospheres that may be used to simulate particular field conditions that package may encounter during its life or testing cycle

Temperature And Humidity Control In Packaging

Pharmaceuticals are among the most important products when it comes to temperature and humidity control in shipping and storage containers, but there are many other products where temperature and humidity testing are essential, including advanced electronics and micro engineering products. The largest consumer of these containers is composed of various parts of the life sciences and medical industries, including blood banks, medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, but there are other materials that need to be maintained and shipped within a certain specific temperature and humidity range. This category also contains foodstuffs. Though the critical nature of such items does not meet the legal or ethical requirements of that within the life sciences field, having your product arrive fresh and protected is critical to customer satisfaction no matter what type of equipment or goods you are shipping.

Temperature-Humidity Testing Protocols

These tests are designed to determine the ability of packaging materials, especially containers composed of cellulosic materials to ensure that they can withstand the temperature and relative humidity (RH) fluctuations which occur during the shipping and storage phases of your logistics chain. The purpose of the testing is to mimic as closely as possible real world conditions which may cause your product to be rejected at the delivery facility, or degraded to the point where the product is unusable. This testing is critical when it comes to package design and selection. Test-O-Pac is certified as an ISTA laboratory and is ISO 9001:2006 Registered.

Customer Concerns In Product Testing

If you are changing or developing new packaging, or even testing your current packaging Test-O-Pac can give you the assurance that your packaging meets critical parameters in controlling the environment within the package, thus preserving whatever you are shipping. Whether it is Pharmaceuticals or food products, customer satisfaction is key to increasing and retaining business. No matter what you are shipping, it takes only one rejected or ruined shipment for most companies to look for another supply line, and the more critical the components or items are the more likely it is that a ruined shipment means a ruined business contact. Test-O-Pac helps to ensure that your packaging is able to handle extremes in temperature and humidity fluctuations that happen when storage and shipping facilities encounter breakdowns in transportation and the climate controlled environments necessary to ensure your products viability.

Environmental Test Lab Services

Test-O-Pac takes your material handling capabilities seriously, and we provide a full range of testing protocols including temperature and RH (Relative Humidity) tests, carried out under real world conditions. These tests will ensure that your packaging can handle the variables that actually occur in your logistics and supply chain, and enable you to pick the right packaging material and formulations without risking a single shipment to humidity and temperature fluctuations.