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Vehicle Handling

This test method may be used to assess the performance of a container with its interior packing in terms of its ruggedness and the protection that it provides when subjected to random vibration.

Maintaining Product Integrity

As a business, you want to ensure that your products reach your customers in A+ condition. Are you implementing random vibration testing that guarantees a high level of quality to the end user? If not, you’re losing integrity and customer satisfaction for your brand name. With specific vibration methods completed in a random vibration testing lab, you can discover and fix weak points for the product during the wear and tear of the distribution process. Quality assurance departments, company engineers and corporate executives need to have random vibration testing done for success.

Random Vibration Methods

During transit, any given package can experience a wide variety of shakes and bumps – everything from sudden drops in altitude to sharp turns on the road can slam a package around, which is why random vibration testing will subject each package to shocks and movement from different angles.

Random vibration testing is also significantly more realistic than some other types of testing; when tests done from the same angle are performed over and over, stress and pressure can build up in a way that would never happen in a real-life transportation situation. Tests also take into account actual data from shipping to further increase the realism of the tests and provide the most useful results. If a redesign of the packaging is needed, random vibration tests can help indicate exactly where improvements need to be made.

Get Optimal Quality Assurance for Your Products

With random vibration testing and other random vibration methods, businesses can attain high levels of quality assurance for their specific product needs. For example, those in the medical industry can have specific tests to ensure a sterile barrier system to protect the package product from the second it leaves the facility, through the distribution process and until it reaches the end user. Those in the manufacturing industry of electronic components can have environmental testing done, such as thermal shock testing and salt fog testing, to ensure that metals and protective coverings are free from corrosion and resistant to extreme changes in temperature.

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