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This test method is intended for use in evaluating the capability of a container to withstand the sudden shock resulting from a free fall, or to evaluate the capability of a container.

For manufacturers and vendors who ship products, drop testing is a crucial element for the packaging that they select. Without having reliable data concerning a package’s ability to maintain its integrity and strength, vendors and manufacturers are at risk of delivering damaged goods or equipment to their customers. A drop impact test is the only reliable and accurate method for assessing whether or not the selected packaging is appropriate for use. The good news is Test-O-Pac can provide the necessary ISTA drop test procedures needed to rate any type of packaging.

The package testing services that are offered by Test-O-Pac simulate the common types of events that are most often associated with the distribution environment, including manual handling. These services can accurately validate packages for distribution as well as certify them as being compliant with current, published ISO Standards, ASTM Standards and other compliance requirements for a variety of industries. Test-O-Pac understands that it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to accurately evaluate each package’s capability to protect the equipment or product inside the package throughout the handling, distribution, and storage process.

At Test-O-Pac, we conduct repeatable drop impact tests on using flat, corner, and edge drops. Each of these drop tests is conducted without rotation to the package which allows it to land in the same manner in which it was released. By using advanced equipment, we are able to accurately measure the various acceleration levels that the package experiences. Our technology thus allows our engineers to determine whether or not product cushioning will be required. This information can then be used to determine what type of cushioning will best protect the package and its contents should mishaps occur during the distribution chain.

Because of the skill and care we take with our drop test procedures, we are able to provide our customers with reliable evaluations, conducted in within a laboratory environment, that can be invaluable in our customer’s assessments of what type of packaging and cushioning they need. Test-O-Pac uses accredited procedures such as the ISTA drop test procedure.

If your company is in need of reliable, accurate, and accredited drop testing for packages, consider consulting with Test-O-Pac. We offer our customers incredible value as well as honest evaluations. At Test-O-Pac we can evaluate virtually any type of packaging in our certified testing laboratories. This allows us to deliver the best consultations. We can even assist our customers in determining which drop test procedure is best suited to their individual needs.

Simply use our online form or give Test-O-Pac a call today to speak with one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable representatives. Contacting Test-O-Pac for your drop testing needs is the first step in protecting the valuable contents of your packages and helping to reduce disappointment and frustration in your customers. Why take a chance on damaged goods? Contact Test-O-Pac today and let us assist you in your impact drop testing needs.