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This test method determine the effects of pressure differential when packaged products are transported via certain modes of transport, such as aircraft or by ground over mountain passes.

The Problem of Low Pressure Test

It is undeniable that aircraft and similar transportation systems have completely changed the way that businesses ship and transport products, but as aircraft technology has advanced, a number of problems have arisen. Among the most serious of these is the potential for packages and products to be exposed to significantly lower air pressure for hours at a time while in transit. Most products will not be significantly affected by the different pressures where humans live, but transport at the altitudes planes fly at
could result in a lot of damage to any given product. Fortunately, a low pressure test can help solve the problems of high-altitude


Low pressure testing is a technique where the environment of a package in flight is reproduced at ground-level, allowing for a far more affordable method of testing the impact of lower pressures on any given package. In most cases, this only needs to be done once for any given item (including the packaging itself) to be sure that it will continue to function as intended. Every package altitude test provides valuable information about how a product will endure the more extreme environment of air transportation,
and it can let you know whether or not you need to arrange for an alternate form of transportation.


The most important function of reduced pressure testing is, in the end, saving you money. There are two major ways that the tests will help to save you money, which we’ll discuss here. The first is ensuring that the product arrives safely to your customer’s house; if it’s damaged mid-flight by the low pressure environment, then you could find yourself forced to replace goods on a regular basis, and that’s extraordinarily bad for your bottom line. The second form of saving you money is a little more tricky, and you have to be very careful when looking at the results of the test. Some items aren’t destroyed mid-flight, but they are damaged, and will wear out much sooner than intended. In cases like these, customers may wind up calling in their warranties on a regular basis; as above, this could quickly become a very expensive problem. Proper testing (both in low pressure environments and afterwards, through
your own quality control) will help to stop these problems from happening at all. If you’re dealing with delicate items, then reduced pressure testing is the best way to check for problems and save a lot of money on replacements and repairs.

Get Expert Help

Test-O-Pac works to test your packages in a variety of environments, depending on the types of situations they might face -including low pressure tests. If you ship products through the air, then this is testing you need to have done. Once you have the results, you can make adjustments to your shipping method or your containers to compensate. With the right testing, you can drastically reduce your chances of having products damaged. Request for quote for more information about testing schedules and making sure your packages will always be kept safe!