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Atmospheric Conditioning

To provide special atmospheric conditioning that may be used to simulate field conditions that package may encounter during its life or testing.

Environmental Conditioning Testing includes Temperature Test and Humidity Testing subjecting the packaging to extremes it may be exposed to during distribution and storage and under which it has to maintain its sterile integrity. Depending on the product’s distribution and end-use destinations Thermal Testing may also include exposure to various chemical and biological threats.

Many materials from which containers and packages are made, especially cellulose materials, undergo changes in physical properties as the temperature and the relative humidity (RH) to which they are exposed are varied. Therefore, the package should be placed and kept in a specified atmosphere for a length of time such that subsequent measurements of physical properties will be meaningful and reproducible.

Test-O-Pac is fully equipped with Environmental Chambers to accommodate your thermal testing requirements including: high and low temperature testing, relative humidity testing and other environmental testing needs.