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This test method is intended to determine the ability of the shipping unit to withstand the compressive loads that occur during warehouse storage or vehicle transport.

Why Compression Testing Matters

Compression testing is vital for measuring the compressive strength of packages and containers. As an industry, you want to supply your consumers with the best end-product. Whether the containers are manufactured for customer use or for delivering products and other goods, the package must be durable and be able to hold up and protect its contents from compression. To ensure that your containers are in accordance with regulation and meet the highest quality standards, compression testing is necessary in determining how individual freights are able to hold up when pressure is exerted at different points of the container. Knowing the tolerance level your containers can withstand before they yield or break is integral for ensuring the safety of their contents.

Our Compression Testing Method Outperforms the Competitors

Our compression load test utilizes the most stringent standards to ensure accurate results. All variables are taken into consideration so that the data is reliable. We use the ASTM D642 with both a fixed-head and swivel platen compressor to perform corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge orientations on all specimens under testing. This determines whether the specimen will fail at both its strongest and weakest points. The procedure measures the container’s ability to resist external compressive loads applied directly to its face, in the corners or diagonally in the opposite edges. Testing can be applied to containers with or without contents. Knowing the yield stress limit of containers help determine how containers can be stacked or positioned and secured when preparing them for transportation.

Make Sure Your Containers Meet the Highest Standards

The container must be sturdy enough to shield its contents from damage. Consumers are entrusting the safe delivery of their goods to your industry. It is our hope that you, in turn, entrust us for performing and evaluating the compressive resistance of your containers whether they be simple corrugated fiberboard boxes, wooden crates or steel drums. Our ASTM static compression load test evaluates the containers ability to resist compressive force from different angles and with multiple variations taken into consideration. We send you a full report with our findings and all the numbers and figures included. Even the sturdiest containers have a breaking point and knowing what that limit is helps you make cost-effective solutions when transporting goods without risking damage.

Give us a Call and Get Started Today

Please contact us today; we adopt a business model that meets the most rigorous professional standards. We are confident that are service is among the top in its industry. We only use state-of-the-art compression testers and will have a full report sent to you within days of a test evaluation with pinpoint and accurate results. Our report has all the relevant details, numbers and figures organized in an easy-to-read format, and you will know the specific threshold of your containers. We will also provide an in-depth assessment of what and where the upgrades need to be made if any are recommended. Get started with us today and learn where your containers stand in the strength and durability compartment.